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Russell’s Auto Repair Inc. in Tickfaw provides a wide range of services and repairs for any type of vehicle. We work with foreign and domestic cars and provide fleet work as well.

Fuel Injection

Our auto technicians in Tickfaw provide fuel injection repairs for any type of vehicle from compact cars to large trucks. If you have difficulty starting your car, experience shuttering while idling, or your car shuts off while idling or after starting, you may need a fuel injection repair. This includes running fuel injector cleaner through the system, replacing the fuel injectors, or replacing the spark plugs.


Wheel Balancing

If you vehicle is pulling to one side, drifting while driving straight, or your steering wheel seems shaky, you may need your wheels balanced. It’s a good idea to balance your wheels regularly to avoid these problems as well. Russsell’s Auto Repair performs this maintenance service quickly to restore a smooth, safe ride.

Tire balancing

On-Board Computer

Over time, your on-board computer can malfunction, causing anything from a sensor light that won’t turn off to preventing your car from starting. We work with any on-board computer to fix bugs, reprogram, or replace the system as needed.

Car computer

Transmissions & Engines

We also make any type of transmission service for both manual and automatic systems. Engine repair is also part of our services. If you’re experiencing difficulty shifting gears, a jerking motion when shifting from park to drive, gears “slipping” while accelerating, or a loud engine noise, we can fix these and any other transmission service or engine repair.



Our auto technicians offer any type of tire service, including tire rotation, leak repair, flat tire replacement, tire pressure checks, and replacement tires.



Russsell’s Auto Repair makes any type of brake repair including brake pad replacement, line repair or replacement, fluid flush or refill, rotor replacement, or a complete anti-lock brake system overhaul.


Air Conditioning

Stay cool during hot Tickfaw summers by repairing your air conditioning. We refill refrigerant, fix leaks, repair ventilation systems, fix compressors, and more. We’ll make your car comfortable again during the summer months—no more sweating or loud noise from open windows.

Car vents


We also provide all electrical repairs for your vehicle. This includes dash light bulb replacement, dome light replacement, radio repair and replacement, and any electrical problem that affects the way your car runs.



A rusty, cracked, or broken muffler creates a loud engine noise and emits more fumes than normal. We repair or replace your muffler, with a part made from high quality steel to fit your vehicle.


Front End Work

If you’ve been in an accident, experienced weather damage, or simply have areas of your front end that need repair, we offer all front end work, including fender and bumper repair. We also repair or replace tie rods, pitman arms, idler arms, center links, sway bars, bushing, and more.



If your battery has died or doesn’t hold a charge, Russell’s Auto Repair Inc. has batteries that are compatible with any vehicle to get your car running again.



Restore a smooth ride with shocks repaired at our auto shop. If your car is bouncing over bumps in the road, rattling when you hit a pothole, or making a clunking noise at high speeds, you may need your Shocks repaired. Our technicians can make these repairs for you quickly and easily.


Belts & Hoses

Russell’s Auto Repair Inc.also repairs and replaces any belt or hose, including the timing belt, water pump hoses, heating and air conditioning hoses, and belts for your alternator, water pump, or power steering system.

Mechanic inspecting


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